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Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

About Our Product

Arizona Hair Loss Centers
Arizona Hair Loss Centers
Arizona's #1 Hair Loss Stem Cell Treatment Center
Arizona Hair Loss Centers provides high-quality, medical grade umbilical cord cells and growth factors for use in various ailments and degenerative diseases. By combining stem cells and growth factors, our product may give a longer lasting effect and improve quality of life for those suffering from debilitating diseases/ disorders, such as arthritis, joint or tendon tears orthopedic issues and more. Our Stem Cell product is screened through regulated, independent testing to meet the industry’s highest standards. Patients who have used our stem cell products have seem incredible results in there hair regrowth process. To learn more about us click the link below. Follow us on our Social Media pages to stay up to date with hair regrowth techniques and medical advancements.

How It Works

During your FREE 30-minute consultation our staff will examine your hair and scalp under a microscope to inspect the condition of your hair and also analyze the amount of hair loss.

Step 1

If you are determined to be a candidate for hair regeneration with stem cells, we will discuss a treatment plan for you.

Step 2

Most clients will do 3 stem cell treatments 6-8 weeks apart.

Step 3

The day of treatment, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out our paperwork and consent forms.

Step 4

Once you have been prepped our nurse will inject the stem cells into the areas of loss with a very fine needle. Most patients report feeling a small pinch but is not painful and the process typically takes only ten minutes.

Step 5

The best part of the treatment is no one will know you had any work done. Your day resumes uninterrupted and the hair growth starts at 3 weeks and will continue to improve for up to nine months.

Step 6

Post treatment protocol is to use a DHT blocking supplement Nutrafol and Minoxidil once a day.

At Arizona Hair Loss we also have low level cold lasers which will enhance the stem cell treatment by bringing blood flow to the hair follicle

Financing Available

We also offer Care Credit Interest free financing and accept Visa, MaterCard and American Express to make financing even more convenient.

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Why should you choose Arizona Hair Loss Center?

We Get Results

Arizona Hair Loss Centers gets results where other services fail.

Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on our customer service and knowledge. We are here to help you.

We offer Financing

We believe that treatment should be affordable. We offer several programs to fit any budget.

Free 30 Min Consultation

We will examine your hair and scalp to inspect the condition of your hair and the amount of hair loss.

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